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Where To Live In Kelowna

Kelowna is one of BC’s hottest locations for real estate and for many ample reasons. The city offers many amenities while also enjoying a relatively temperate climate and close proximity to both a renowned ski resort (Big White) and one o...

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Okanagan Real Estate Market Update For Summer 2021

The housing market undoubtedly exploded in the beginning of 2021 across Canada and that was true for the Okanagan as well. Below we’ll detail some of the notable trends in a Kelowna real estate market update that also are currently being ...

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How Pricing Your Home Is Influenced By 3 Factors

Unlike other objects or items, pricing your home is full of pitfalls. These pitfalls can either make your home sell so fast you feel like you’re still inside the home as the new tenants are moving in, or on the flipside you’ve grown a b...

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How To Make A Helpful Home Buyers’ Checklist

Buying a home is no small investment, so by creating a home buyer’s checklist you not only get a clear idea of what you want out of a home but also avoid buying one you’re unhappy with. Below is a list of the main things to consider ...

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