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Where To Live In Kelowna

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Kelowna is one of BC’s hottest locations for real estate and for many ample reasons. The city offers many amenities while also enjoying a relatively temperate climate and close proximity to both a renowned ski resort (Big White) and one of the biggest lakes in BC. Plus, the access to many nearby cities means you’re able to explore much of what the Okanagan offers in a single day. So, how do you decide where to live in Kelowna?

Below, we break down some of Kelowna’s most popular neighbourhoods and what each of them offers.

Where to Live in Kelowna: Downtown Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna’s landscape has changed plenty in the last few years and continues to change. Several massive skyscrapers have either been constructed, are nearly completed, or will be built soon in the region offering some of the best views of Kelowna and the surrounding area.

The core of Kelowna is rife with culture and many local businesses making it easy to support local owners and buy top-notch goods and services.

If you’re big into the restaurant scene, the downtown offers numerous restaurants, cafés, and even multiple breweries to enjoy and experience.

Plus, this region also benefits from being close to Knox Mountain Park, one of Kelowna’s mountains with well-maintained trails and many recreational activities for everyone to enjoy.

Why Dilworth in Kelowna Is Such a Popular Area

If you like living close to as many amenities as possible, but don’t enjoy the urban sprawl as much, dilworth can fit your needs well.

Just outside of the hustle and bustle of Kelowna’s centre, this region enjoys quieter living while still mere minutes away from some of the city’s centre.

Choose from large lots, luxury homes, and fantastic views. There are several public parks, green spaces, and hiking trails, and close access to the vast majority of Kelowna’s shopping less than a 5-minute drive away.


Lower Mission Offers Many Amenities

For those interested in closer proximity to Okanagan Lake, or even living right next to the water, lower mission is an excellent pick.

Located to the south below Kelowna’s downtown, you’ll be near all of Kelowna’s essential services. Kelowna general hospital, several schools (including elementary, high schools, and a post-secondary school) and several of Kelowna’s largest recreational and gym facilities are all located in this region.

The majority of homes here are on large, flat lots with dedicated bike lanes to easily traverse or get a workout going from place to place.

Upper Mission in Kelowna Is Perfect for Many Families

Finally, upper mission, like lower mission, is also right on the edge of Okanagan Lake, but its greater distance from the city core means it’s one of the quietest and calmest communities in Kelowna.

It’s also very family-friendly as a region. Access to both elementary and high schools and countless trails, bike paths, and several main parks to relax and let your children play in are easy to get to.

Although it is furthest from the city centre, you’re still able to access plenty of shopping options in just a few minutes.

These may be some of Kelowna’s more popular areas to live in, but there are still plenty more to choose from that can also suit your needs and become your new favourite place to call home.

Need help finding the neighbourhood in the Okanagan that matches what you’re looking for? Our team can help you with just that. Contact us today to learn more!

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