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Located in the south of the Okanagan Valley, this small town has plenty to offer. One of the warmest communities in BC, this semi-arid community has a wide variety of locations to choose from for choosing where to live in Oliver. Although a little further from Okanagan Lake, you can still get access to lakeside living on Tuc-el–nuit Lake. Beaches in Oliver are never far from your reach, and nearby access to Osoyoos and the U.S. border offer plenty of their own unique experiences as well.

Despite the size of the town, Oliver has a ton of activities to see and experience. It’s not known as the Wine Capital of Canada without reason, after all. Every season has an activity to enjoy within it, and because of its central location in the south Okanagan there are numerous locations within a short drive that can provide a wide selection of additional adventures to go on.

Activities in Oliver

As the Wine Capital of Canada, you’d expect there to be a substantial assortment of wineries within the area and you’d be right. Fairview Cellars, Quinta Ferreira, and Le Vieux Pin Winery are just a few excellent locations to enjoy within the region, but there are over twenty more that all have their own unique wines and atmosphere to discover.

Unique to Oliver is the Area 27 racetrack which gives drivers of luxury and sports cars a chance to test their mettle on the track. There are dedicated courses as well to teach drivers how to race effectively, and right next to the racetrack is a high-speed go-kart track that helps people build their skills or just have a fun outing with the family.

Close to Oliver is the Baldy Mountain Resort to get in all your snowboarding and skiing – both downhill and cross country – for the winter season. You can expect the classic champagne powder of the Okanagan while there, and 35 alpine runs to explore and head down.

Tuc-el-nuit Lake is also unique in Oliver in that no motorized watercraft are allowed on it. This makes it perfect for kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, or canoeing to relax after a long day or to enjoy as a family. Because of the motorized restriction, lakeside living is significantly quieter as well.
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