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One of the biggest benefits the Okanagan enjoys is the plethora of lakes available. Each lake has its own perks and waterfront real estate lets you enjoy those perks at your leisure. Not sure what the right waterfront property location is right for you? Check out our listings below for each city’s benefits you can enjoy.

Kelowna Waterfront Property

The beating heart of the Okanagan core and culture can be found in Kelowna. The ever-growing city is rife with things to do without making it feel like it’s too large of a city. You’ll see many friendly faces in and around the area and always be able to enjoy the many perks of the region. Kelowna waterfront property lets you take advantage of all of them and enjoy the waters of Okanagan Lake.

West Kelowna Waterfront Property

For those that still want all the perks of Kelowna without the hustle and bustle of the big city, West Kelowna is an excellent choice. Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with the waterfront properties in West Kelowna while never being too far away from amenities. Plenty of trails line the area too, with Rose Valley being one of the most popular and scenic to enjoy and stay active with throughout the year.

Penticton Waterfront Property

Enjoy not one, but two different lakes in Penticton. Waterfront homes in Penticton can enjoy the perks of the expansive Okanagan Lake or the warm waters of Skaha Lake. In either case, the city has plenty of its own perks for living there. Notably, access to Apex mountain during the winter and the wide selection of summer activities the city offers as well attract many people every year.

Peachland Waterfront Property

Comfort abounds in many ways in Peachland. Waterfront listings enjoy some of the best weather in the Okanagan year-round. This is due to its proximity to one of the widest sections of Okanagan Lake. Enjoy the close-knit nature of the small community while never being too far from major amenities or activities.

Summerland Waterfront Property

As the city name suggests, Summerland is the place to be in the summer. Waterfront real estate in Summerland also receives the perks of Okanagan Lake, but it’s also the perfect-size small town. You’ll get to know many of the welcoming people in the community and enjoy some of the best arts and culture in the Okanagan.

OK Falls Waterfront Property

Okanagan Falls or OK Falls is one of the Okanagan’s hidden gems of a community. Waterfront homes in OK Falls have direct and easy access to Skaha Lake which has some of the warmest lake water in Canada. The area is very outdoors focused with an emphasis on rock-climbing and water activities. With close access to Penticton, enjoy quiet living on a short drive from any major amenities.

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