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Live in Naramata

Naramata is the beating heart of wine country in the Okanagan. If you’re wondering where to live in Naramata know that you’re never far from some of the best, award-winning wines. Stunning views across the lake and some of the most incredible luxury homes to go with it line the region. There are many opportunities to have waterfront property and enjoy the nearby beaches in Naramata for plenty of sun and relaxation. The quaint community is full of local surprises. Aside from a wide selection of fun local wineries, the area also offers boutique shops and you’ll often see many friendly faces on every jaunt around the region. Naramata offers an idyllic village lifestyle that’s not found anywhere else in the Okanagan and a community that’s closely connected. Penticton is only a short drive away too, so you can take advantage of the quiet lifestyle Naramata has without ever being far from amenities, activities, and experiences.  

Activities in Naramata

Some of the most incredible hikes surround Naramata to explore, and you can hop on your bike to get even better views from the Kettle Valley Rail Trail that zig zags through the community. There’s also somewhere to hike in every season so whether you have hiking boots or snowshoes on, you’re sure to have a good time adventuring. There are almost thirty unique wineries in the area. Many of these have award-winning wines, but all offer some of the Okanagan’s best wine to taste and discover. Alternatively, you can also try out some of the fun breweries and spend a day trying out flights of beers with friends and find a new favourite. Explore the sandy shores of the Naramata bench or hop into Okanagan Lake to cool off on hot summer days. For something different, you could even kayak or paddleboard on the lake for both a workout and/or way to relax at the end of a long day. The community also offers plenty of mouth-watering meals from the local restaurants. Munch down on unique takes on old classics, or even just satisfy your hunger with known favourites. There are dishes of all types for everyone to enjoy.
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