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Why Beaches In Kelowna, And Other Compelling Reasons, Make Kelowna A Great Place To Live


The Okanagan Valley is known for many amazing things and Kelowna features many of them. Beaches in Kelowna are some of the best in the region with sandy shores and plenty of things to do, and the amenities and weather the city enjoys are renowned in the BC interior.

Below are some of the main reasons to consider moving to Kelowna.

Beaches in Kelowna and Okanagan Lake Itself

The city has a wide array of beaches to choose from during the early fall, summer, and spring months. While the City Park beach is one of the largest, the beach at Boyce-Gyro park is also immensely popular for its many family-friendly options.

If sand and sun are your biggest priorities, Tugboat Beach in the downtown waterfront offers a small oasis perfect for relaxing at as a couple or with a small group of friends.

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Kelowna’s Many Amenities

As the largest city in the BC interior, Kelowna benefits from a massive number of amenities to choose from.

From massage therapists to medical facilities, Kelowna benefits from a large selection of medical practitioners to help keep you in the best possible health. The city also has the largest and most comprehensive hospital in the BC interior.

Of course, medical facilities are only a small piece of the region’s amenities. Education opportunities include elementary, middle and high schools both of the public and private variety. Plus, both Okanagan College and the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus offer 2 compelling options for post-secondary education.

Kelowna is more of a sprawling city than a dense urban landscape and is arranged as such with outlet malls and shopping centres placed strategically in the area’s various communities. Thus, this ensures that you’re never more than a few minutes drive from getting basic amenities like groceries or medical care.

Kelowna Weather Conditions During Each Season

The city is known for being able to experience 4 seasons every day during most periods of the year. This is due to the relatively temperate climate and wide range of recreation opportunities.

Summers are often quite hot, but winters are relatively mild and generally only have about a week of serious snowfall.

Kelowna Recreation Opportunities

Finally, the number of recreation options in Kelowna are plentiful and numerous. Big White, one of the premier ski resorts in the area, is one of the most popular destinations in the winter and summer for its ski trails and bike paths respectively.

Naturally, Okanagan Lake offers a wealth of watersports activities to choose from and enjoy as well.

A wide array of golf courses, hiking trails, and bike paths also mean that getting outside and getting exercise is never too far from your fingertips too.

Overall, Kelowna offers many compelling arguments and reasons to move there and explore for yourself what the city has to offer.

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