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Paul Grewal

Meet Paul Grewal

Born and raised in Penticton, Paul spent his childhood summers working with his family on their Naramata orchard.

After high school, Paul tackled his first agricultural project – his own 18-acre orchard on the Naramata Bench. Paul’s passion was ignited and he has remained true to that passion, becoming a local expert in orchard and vineyard properties.

Earlier in his career, with a degree in business and a focus on marketing, he integrated another passion, riding. With the help of a good friend, Freedom Bike Shop was born. After more than a decade selling, riding and fixing bikes, Paul met amazing people with even more amazing stories of how the little shop impacted their lives. Cycling is a focal point of Paul’s life.

Paul’s is a diverse real estate agent – able to work comfortably with home buyers, talk intelligently about orchards, vineyards and wineries, and understanding the complexities of commercial real estate and business sales. He has lived it all and understands real estate from the inside out.

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