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Live in Peachland

Peachland is a small community, but one that benefits from some of the best weather in the Okanagan. Due to its proximity to one of the widest sections of the lake, it gets warmer winters and cooler summers compared to other locations making it very comfortable year-round. Deciding on where to live in Peachland primarily depends on how close you’d like to live to the lake versus getting stunning views from higher up the mountain. A close-knit community, Peachland has many parks to enjoy the scenery and good weather. Other opportunities to get outside include many trails and close-by amenities of Kelowna and Summerland while still being distant enough to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busier cities. If you’re looking to live in one of the gated communities in Peachland or new homes or developments you can expect a quieter, laid-back lifestyle to be the norm.  

Activities in Peachland

Although Peachland doesn’t have the countless activities of other nearby cities, there are still plenty to enjoy, explore, and appreciate. For instance, it wouldn’t be a city in the Okanagan if it didn’t have some notable wineries to speak of! First Estate, Hainle, and Fitzpatrick wineries all offer their own unique wines you can experience at your leisure surrounded by the natural beauty of the Okanagan. Because beaches in Peachland are typically quieter as well, you can often enjoy them more frequently without the worry of having to find both a parking spot and place to sit on the beach. Step across the road to check out some of the local markets or orchards nearby too. Gorgeous hikes are available at any time to discover. Hardy falls and Stairway to Heaven are two of the most popular ones that deliver some amazing sights and can be a great workout as well. Peachland offers many casual activities to enjoy, but if you’re looking to expand out your options, many of the nearby cities are less than an hour’s drive away to check out and shop in.
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