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Okanagan Dream Rally 

Chamberlain Property Group is proud to be the title sponsor of the Okanagan Dream Rally, held each summer in the Okanagan Valley and is committed to a five-year title sponsorship.

In 2022, the Okanagan Dream Rally raised $1.7 million for two important charities, Ronald McDonald House and the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation.

The Dream Rally and its caring pilots give the co-pilots a unique, to-be-envied ride in a dream car – a leisurely cruise along Okanagan Lake, lunch and a relaxing drive home.

The co-pilot is most often a child or a youth but can be anyone who has been negatively impacted by a life event and would benefit from being part of the rally. Many of the co-pilots have developmental challenges that prevent them from enjoying some of life’s simple pleasures. 

Photos, beaming smiles and a once-in-a-lifetime experience are all part of the day. And the pilots get to share their passion for beautiful cars with their co-pilots.

Many of Chamberlain’s agents enjoy the thrill of nice cars and were happy to share their excitement with their co-pilots.

Chamberlain Property Group is pleased to have been the title sponsor for the 2022 Okanagan Dream Rally 

“The kids are so happy to see so many ‘Hot Wheels’ in one place. It’s so rewarding to see their faces and hear the excitement in their voices,” says Kirk Chamberlain, founder and owner of Chamberlain Property Group.

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